Government of India to require CHADEMO and CCS dual standard connections for public electric vehicle charging stations

At present, most car companies use the charging protocol of the Japan Electric Vehicle Charging Association(CHAdeMO) or the Joint Charging System(CCS). Chinese vehicles and Tesla use GB/T 20234 charging connectors and 480V patented electric fast chargers, respectively. CHAdeMO is used by Japanese car companies. This is a fast charging method for electric vehicles with a maximum charging rate of 62.5 kW and a voltage and current of 500 V and 125 A DC, respectively. The maximum charging rates, voltage, and current values supported by CHAdeMO 2.0 are 400 kW, 1000 V, and 400 A DC, respectively. However, 15 of the world's 20 mainstream car brands recommend the use of CCS, which supports a charging rate of 50-350 kW. CCS can be compatible with DC and AC systems, and the speed of charging depends on the chosen charging connection plug.
The government's guiding policy also requires cities to set up an electric vehicle charging station every 3 km, and an electric vehicle charging station every 25 km on both sides of the highway. The cost of charging services to users at public charging stations must not exceed the total cost of the average electricity supply plus 15 % increase, and the service costs will be regulated by the Indian States. In addition, the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations does not require a separate license.
The government's new measures will increase the manufacturing costs of charging stations and require communications protocols to connect batteries to chargers and plugs to support both charging protocols. Residents 'household charging equipment and fixed charging equipment provided by the company for the internal fleet do not need to support all power protocols.
According to foreign media reports, the Indian government requires all public electric vehicle charging stations to install two electric vehicle charging connectors(charging connectors) that meet the specifications of Japan, Europe and the United States.
Today, only the EU has standardized guidelines for electric vehicles. CCS Type 1 or Type 2 charging plugs(AC) or Combo 1 or Combo 2(AC and DC) are all equipment configured for public charging stations. All vehicles, including Tesla, must be compatible with the above charging plugs.


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