Beiss car smart stand wireless charging smart battery care carefully

Car charging mobile phone stents will certainly not feel unfamiliar to many motorists. However, due to the drawbacks of some product designs during use, mobile phone connections to car stents are cumbersome to charge, causing motorists to love and hate this type of product. This problem will not be encountered with the use of Beiss smart car support, which is more convenient to use.
The automatic recognition control function of the Beisi smart car support is the biggest difference between it and the general wireless car charging products. The Beisi smart car support wirelessly fills the new generation of car brackets. During the actual use process, it can achieve smart recognition charging mobile phones and automatically lock. Start charging, Touch sensing can automatically open and stop charging during the charging process of the phone.
The infrared sensor power allows Beiss's smart car stand to be charged wirelessly and the general wireless car to be charged. The smart camera installed on the device remains open under normal conditions, and the phone closes automatically after approaching the smart camera. Since then, the mobile phone has been automatically tightened, there is no abnormal noise during use, and all redundant operations have been thrown away to make the charging so easy. One-handed, one-handed, 0.1 s induction charging, no need to set, and the mobile phone has put down 0.1 seconds. After the phone support automatically clamps the charge.

While most of the brand's flagship mobile phones have a 10W wireless charge, some fashion-seeking users have already bought Huawei's mate20pro, which has 15W wireless charging capability, and some are worried that the charging speed will not be ideal using the Bess smart car stand. In fact, Beisi smart car support wireless charging has the characteristics of smart matching mobile phones, built-in smart chip can distinguish between the charging requirements of mobile phones, automatically adjust the charging quota, in addition to Beisi smart car support wireless charging has a top ten protection function. It is safer to charge charging equipment, and has various protection functions such as short circuit protection, temperature protection, overdischarge protection, overpressure protection, overcharge protection, electromagnetic field protection, shunt protection, overpower protection, restoration protection, and prevention protection. Bring full care to the battery.
Whether or not the car wireless charging is fast enough, whether it will affect the safety of battery use and life is the standard for measuring product quality. Beisi smart car support wireless charging can be adapted for mobile phone high-efficiency charging. There is no essential difference between the charging effect and the mobile phone charger. Beisi smart control upgrade chip effectively controls the current output, the device has a built-in Qi standard wireless charging ring, and the coil used by Beisi smart car stand wireless charging is a three-generation combined version of the independent coil, which compares the traditional generation and second-generation coil functions. The essential improvement. Three generation product independent coil charging effect is more ideal. Excellent technology allows the product to have the function of charging and charging, and the sensing distance is 8 mm. Even if the phone is charged with a shell, it still has no effect.
Beiss smart car support wireless charging products to bring a new smart experience, infrared induction wireless charging, so that the mobile phone and car charging support no error connection, using engineering grade ABS plastic with high-quality silicone material, innovative, excellent process production, solid and durable material, The hand is comfortable and resistant to high temperature, non-slip, safe and durable, and has elegant black and noble silver color.
In order to facilitate users to understand their performance in use, Beisi smart car brackets are equipped with indicators. Users can visually understand their use. The arm is red light during the movement, the phone is green light for charging, and the foreign body is detected. Green light flicker.
The Beiss smart car stand is equipped with a wireless input of 5 Volt 2 amps, 9 Volt 1.67 a, built-in large coils, magnetic separators, and smart chips, which guarantees its charging safety and charging speed. The product has induction telescopic, 10-watt wireless charging function, excellent product design is not only full of beauty, operation convenience is also dominant in the same type of products, single hand to complete the operation.

Excellent function, is installation convenient? This is also a topic that many car friends are very concerned about. Beisi's smart car support is equipped with a wireless installation of the vehicle's air outlet. It can be locked in the air outlet position with a single stroke, tightly clamped and not dropped, and the installation convenience is much higher than that of the same type. product.
Multi-angle adjustable, vertical and horizontal screen control, whether the road is rugged or rapid braking, sudden acceleration, navigation use is stable and not shaking, providing users with the best perspective, help driving safety.
Some motorists choose to compare and ask customer service over and over again for charging stents for their mobile phones, fearing that the phones they use will not fit with their favorite wireless charging products. Beiss smart car stent wireless charges do not have this problem. The product is not only simple to install. It can also support the air outlet of most types of vehicles on the market. The metal arm can be flexibly adjusted for 4 to 6.5 inches of multiple types of mobile phones. Both Apple and Android mobile phones can easily connect devices.


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